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How to get a file via WAP

1. Check what WAP service is enabled for your mobile phone.

If you are not sure if WAP is enabled on your phone, contact your mobile operator to learn how to enable WAP for your cell phone.

2. Download transferred file to your mobile phone.

If you received a text message (SMS) with WAP link

The text message you are received will look like this:

  • – is our server email address
  • YourFileName.jpg – is the name of the file
  • get/ 123456/ YourFileName.jpg - is the WAP link

Select and open the WAP link to download the file you sent. Refer to your mobile phone user's manual to learn how to open links, download and save files on your phone.

If you did not receive a text message

Open your phone’s internet browser.

Go to the WAP-site

tip: after the site is opened you can add this site to the browser ‘Favorites’ for fast access in the future.

You will see text like shown below

Enter File ID:


 Get File

  1. Type in your file ID
  2. Select ‘Get File’
  3. You will see the name and size of your file
  4. Select ‘Get File’ again to download the file.

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